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What is the Berlin Beverage Group?

The Berlin Beverage Group is made up of three companies, each of which has grown into one of the leading enterprises in their respective segments over the last 12 years. Mixology Magazine is acknowledged as the German language region’s leading bar culture periodical, and Bar Convent Berlin has established a reputation as one of the most acclaimed bar industry events in the world. The Cocktailian brand brings together the Cocktailian book series, broadly acknowledged as standard reference works by pros and fans alike, and the online shop. The web shop was founded in 2010 and has since become an essential product supply source for the gastronomy sector in Germany and internationally. The site’s clientele profile reveals not only a roster of business customers, but also a consistent rise in the number of end consumers.

The conglomeration of these three companies and their labels produces a variety of benefits for our customers on the German market. And for foreign manufacturers, our 360° on-trade portfolio can facilitate your smooth entry onto the German market with everything from the creation of your network to the placement of your brand and sales in the premium gastronomy segment. Our domestic German customers and foreign-based clients with brands already established on the German market also profit from this centralization of our energies and resources. The processing of diverse on-trade activities through a central contact point simplifies annual planning and implementation. And now we can also offer financially attractive bundles utilizing all three companies’ areas of expertise.
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